Beijing Express, four couples to conquer the final

The ninth episode airs tomorrow at 21.15, the competitors in the semifinals will cross Cambodia for 349 km

Backpack on the shoulder, we go to conquer the final. The ninth installment of ‘Beijing Express‘, broadcast tomorrow at 21.15 exclusively on Sky and streaming only on Now will be a very fierce challenge with no holds barred, in which couples will compete for access to the last stage of this journey along the Via delle Indie. Guided by conductors Costantino Della Gherardesca and Enzo Miccio, competitors will cross Cambodia for 349 km, from Oudong to Battambangfighting against every unexpected event and difficulty, even of a physical nature.

Four semi-finalist pairs: Joe Bastianich and Andrea Belfiore ‘The Italian Americans’; Federica Pellegrini and Matteo Giunta ‘The Newlyweds’; Carolina Stramare and Barbara Prezia ‘Le Mediterranee’; Salvatore Schillaci and Barbara Lombardo ‘The Sicilians’. For them, the ninth stage of the Sky Original show created by Banijay Italia will start from Oudong with an unexpected travel companion: the rapper Jake La Furia, in the version of a nice ‘musical malus’.

Then at the floating village of Kampong Loung the first two couples to sign the Red Book will compete in an exciting Advantage Trial, never so fierce considering the remaining number of couples in the race and the importance of earning a place in the final ranking. In the episode, always available on demand and visible on Sky Go, between foils and curious means of transport, hostilities and alliances will consolidate on the road towards the stage finish line in Battambang.

For everyone, the race towards the ‘Red Carpet’ will, as always, be full of amazement at the discovery but also of pitfalls: some couples, in fact, will be put to the test even physically due to injuries that will strike them during the journey. At the final stage finish line, they will learn the final ranking: the first couple to jump on the Red Carpet will contribute to the final prize money entirely donated to support a local NGO, while the last two will entrust their fate first to the ballot and then to the contents of the Black Envelope , which will decide whether the penultimate stage is elimination or not. Who will get a place in the ‘Beijing Express’ Final?