Beijing Express, injury to the competitor during the advantage test

During the sixth stage of Beijing Express the competitor suffered an injury: let’s see in detail what happened.

The new season of Beijing Express is broadcast on Sky and Now and began on March 10 with the conduct of Costantino Della Gherardesca. Ten couples left to face the journey called The Route of the Sultans.

Beijing Express 2022, the competitor suffers an injury during the sixth stage (Credits: instagram)

In the third stage the conductor came into play with Enzo Miccio, a former competitor of the reality show. While he was running he fell and suffered an injury, which was revealed only in the fourth stage. Since Costantino had to stop for some checks, the wedding planner arrived in his place. In the last episode which saw the journey of the competitors for the sixth stage, the Fidanzatini, a couple formed by Rita Rusic and partner Cristiano Di Luzio, were eliminated. But even before discovering the eliminated pair, during the advantage test, a competitor suffered an injury.

It happened in Beijing Express: the competitor suffers an injury

Great twists we have seen a Beijing Express during the sixth stage. The competitors had to face one of the most difficult tests just before reaching the finish line. In Uzbekistan the inhabitants do not throw away anything of the ram and so the couples ate some parts of the animal, such as the brain, testicles, stomach, cold blood.

A challenge that put a strain on their stomachs. In fact, many have not held up. Before discovering the elimination of the Fidanzatini, during the advantage test, a competitor was injured. Helena and Nikita challenged Natasha Stefanenko and Sasha Sabbioni, who had finished first at the intermediate finish.

Helena injury
Credits: instagram

For this test, Italy-Brazil and Mom and daughter, they faced a complex test that required good aim and excellent historical knowledge. While Helena Prestes threw the hoop, suffered a knee injury. She did not give up and continued the game. At the end of the challenge, she made some inquiries. From these checks it emerged that she could continue but without rushing and trying too hard. Despite the difficulties along the way, the competitor continued unabated and at the final finish the couple managed to finish in third position.