Bekir is Hakan’s helper in Bitter Sweet: after a couple of years the actor is no longer as we have seen him

In Bitter Sweet Bekir is not a protagonist but plays an important role: this is how the actor who played him is today.

In Italy Bitter Sweet-Ingredients of love it aired from 10 June to September 2019. In Turkey, the country of production, it aired a few years in advance. The protagonist of the series is Nazli, a young cook who, in order to maintain her university studies and the house where she lives with her sister and her friend Fatos, is looking for work.

He finds it at the home of a wealthy businessman, Ferit Aslan, who hires her as his personal chef. The two fall in love with her but the young girl moves away from the man because of her sister. In fact, the latter has interfered in the evil plans of Hakan and Demet, the spouses who try to trick Bulut away from Ferit, her nephew.

Hakan and Demet, especially the first mentioned, is joined by a man who helps him in his dirtiest plans, let’s talk about Bekir.

He played Bekir in Bitter Sweet: this is how the actor is today (Credits. Instagram)

This character is not the protagonist but is fundamental in the story because it is often he, even before Hakan, who is guilty of what his boss orders him to do. We went to sift through the instagram profile of the actor who played Hakan’s aide: here you will find it hard to recognize it in this shot!

Played Bekir, Hakan’s aide in Bitter Sweet: The actor is unrecognizable

Bekir joined Hakan in his dishonest plans, accompanying him in all his movements. It is often he who becomes the protagonist, by order of his boss, of unpleasant acts. This character is not the protagonist in Bitter Sweet but his role is still fundamental to the series, particularly for what he plays.

As we anticipated, we went to browse the instagram profile of the actor who played him and we were completely amazed: the reason? It is not so easy to recognize it in this shot.

  Emre Kentmenoglu
Credits: instagram

Here is the social photo of Emre Kentmenoglu, interpreter of Bekir in Bitter Sweet-Ingredients of love. After a couple of years, it looks very different. In recent years he has grown his hair even though he has recently cut it again. Today he is very muscular, in fact looking at his channel we see that he trains every day. Even the clothing is different, he has left Bekir’s elegant clothes at home and in everyday life he wears sporty and casual: would you have recognized him?