Belarus, Bartolo: “Horror at the border, no invasion, inhumane EU”

“I was in the forest at night, a girl gave birth and died with her baby” – “There is fear among the volunteers and activists, it’s hell” – “Crap Migration Pact”

“In recent years the management of the migration phenomenon has changed for the worse. Just look at what happens along the Balkan route, where I have been twice, in Greece where the situation is terrifying, and on the border between Poland and Belarus, where they reign. inhumanity, cruelty and wickedness. The Pact on migration presented by the European Commission itself is crap “. This was told to Adnkronos by Pietro Bartolo, now MEP and for about 30 years, as head of the Lampedusa Polyclinic, engaged at the forefront of health care for migrants landed on the largest of the Pelagias. Last weekend Bartolo was right in the Polish forest, where “horror is consumed”. “I came up to the forest at night – he says -, a terrifying thing. A girl gave birth and died with her baby. There is fear among the volunteers and activists. It is hell”.

“On the one hand there is Lukashenko, a dictator who uses people to threaten the EU – he continues -, and on the other hand there is the Polish government which continues to deny respect for human rights and international agreements” . Right along that border, back in the news, the migrant doctor saw “many people, many Poles, challenge the police, risk fines and even prison to help migrants, even if only to bring them a bottle of water and some blankets. I saw a lot of courage and an impressive humanity “. The finger is pointed at Europe. “Solidarity is given to Poland, while the only people to whom it should be given are the people who are dying in that forest. The borders are defended from the enemies, from those who are armed, certainly not from the men, women and children who die there. a shame we are all responsible for. ”

A responsibility in the failure to manage the migratory phenomenon that also involves Italy. “Let’s not forget the security decrees of previous governments that have made it a crime to save people and criminalize NGOs. An unacceptable thing”. The solution for Bartolo are legal channels of entry. “If the Commission and the EU Council decided to bring these people with humanitarian corridors, we would avoid unnecessary deaths”. Instead, once again, according to the MEP’s thesis, we continue to “not want to manage a phenomenon, that of migration, which is structural. They continue to talk about ‘disembarkation emergencies’. But what pressure are we talking about at the borders? -5-7 thousand people? These are our enemies from which we must defend ourselves? They are a few thousand people and, instead, he passes the message of the invasion, lending his side to Lukashenko who uses this trap as a weapon of blackmail. The truth is that in Europe the situation has definitely worsened, walls are invoked and we are witnessing an ever more serious loss of humanity “. (by Rossana Lo Castro)