Belarus, cooperation with NATO suspended

The military staff of Belarus said that, at the initiative of NATO, practical cooperation between the Alliance and Minsk has been suspended. RIA Novosti reports it.
“Just the other day, another hostile step was taken by the European states. At the initiative of NATO, another channel of dialogue was reduced and the practical cooperation of the North Atlantic Alliance with the Republic of Belarus was suspended”, said Chief of Staff Viktor Gulevich. “We will intensify combat training and continue intelligence missions to prevent a surprise attack on our state,” Gulevich added in a video from the Belarusian defense ministry on Telegram. According to Gulevich, Ukraine and NATO form a belt of hostile countries around Belarus.

“Against the Gospel”

“In communion with the Pope, in recent weeks we have recalled the situation in Libya. I am now thinking of what is happening with regard to migrants on the border between Poland and Belarus, and to those who venture into the Mediterranean from the Maghreb coasts? they belong to the European culture generated by the Gospel, they do not belong to us “. This was stated by the cardinal president of the CEI, Gualtiero Bassetti, in his Introduction to the works of the 75th General Assembly of Italian Bishops.