Belarus, Lukashenko: “S-400 and Iskander missiles deployed from today”

Putin: “Military exercises with Belarus will continue”

Today the S-400 and Iskander missile systems, which were given to us by Russia, were deployed in Belarus“. This was stated by the Belarusian president, Alexander Lukashenko, during a press conference after the talk with the Russian leader, Vladimir Putin. The missiles had been supplied by Russia on November 21st.

Russia and Belarus have agreed to continue with joint military exercises, Putin stressed, following the long conversation he had with his Belarusian counterpart. During the meeting, among other things, issues relating to the creation of a common defense space between the two countries were discussed. During the press conference Putin also said of maintain “working relationships with many colleagues, including Macron”.

“Vladimir Putin and I usually say that Russia and Belarus are open to dialogue with other countries, including European ones,” Lukashenko said after today’s summit in Minsk. “I hope that Europeans will soon listen to the voice of reason so that we can constructively talk about both common security and the future world order”, added the Belarusian president according to what was reported by the Belta news agency.