Belascoaran’s investigations, everything you need to know about the Netflix TV series

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Fans of detective stories with comic streaks will not be able to miss the episodes of Belascoaran’s investigationsthe new Spanish series from Netflix aired on the streaming platform from 12 October. The title, also visible via Sky Q and Now via the Smart Stick app, promises to keep viewers glued to the screen with the adventures of the fascinating protagonist: the private detective Héctor Belascoarán Shayne interpreted by Luis Gerardo Méndezknown to the public for his role as Victor Tapia in Narcos: Mexico.

The series based on the saga of the novels of Paco Ignacio Taibo II

Based on the novels by Paco Ignacio Taibo IIa Spanish naturalized Mexican writer, born in 1949, one of the most prolific and famous authors of mystery and detective fiction and nonfiction, Belascoaran’s investigations represent the transposition for the small screen of the adventures contained in the cycle of novels (ten) starring the detective Belascoarán set in Mexico City in the eventful seventies. In this picturesque and corrupt setting, the detective, who has left his wife and a more secure career, begins to conduct minor investigations, even investigating large cases involving serial killers and dangerous criminals with the help of a small team which also includes his sister Elisa (actress Irene Azuela). In the first season distributed by Netflix – which could be followed by a second cycle of episodes, a decision that depends on the reception of the debut season – the facts of three novels of the Taibo II saga, published starting from 1976, are told. is about Giorni di battle, The ghost of Zapata And No happy ending. As mentioned, the abundance of novels of the same saga suggests the possibility of a sequel for the show.

Luis Gerardo Méndez, a fascinating protagonist

Developed in full compliance with the classical canons of the genre investigative and with a script that ranges between mystery drama and comedy, Belascoaran’s investigations has all the credentials to become one of the most popular titles of the season also thanks to a cast of performers already partly known to the international public.

In addition to the protagonist, the forty-year-old Mexican Luis Gerardo Méndez, and Azuela, among the actors there is also Paulina Gaitánshe too face of Narcos. Another strong point of the series is the settingand the show that follows Taibo II’s descriptions of the Mexican society of the seventies. News reporter, as well as writer, the creator of Belascoarán is also a keen observer of his time and does not fail to provide the reader with an overview of the conditions of the country in the years of the PRIthe Institutional Revolutionary Party, which ruled firmly until 2000.