Belen defends Chiara Ferragni: “Enough, she made a mistake but now leave her alone”

The Argentine showgirl comes to the defense of the influencer but confesses: “I have never had a good relationship with her”

Belen Rodriguez takes the field in defense of Chiara Ferragni after the media storm that is overwhelming the influencer following the ‘Pink Christmas’ pandoro affair and now the sale of Easter eggs and the Trudi doll with the likeness of Ferragni. The Argentine showgirl, in a long post published on his Instagram stories, confesses that ”I’ve had a recurring thought for a few days and it’s that of feeling guilty for having had impure thoughts, I’ll try to explain myself better: when someone hurts us, what do you want? Let that person pay! – he writes -. May life give her back the same coin. Well, in these last few weeks for various reasons such thoughts have come to life inside my complex little head, with hindsight I tell you that after anger comes calm, that’s it! This happened too”.

”I’m calm, the storm has passed – continues Belen – all this to tell you that like all of you, I felt angry when I read what happened to Chiara Ferragni, with the premise of revealing to you that due to the fault of third parties I have never had a good relationship with her, (but these are details). What I wanted to say first of all is that beyond professional esteem there is also humanity. AND seeing all the evil that never stops killing her every time she goes to sleep and every time she wakes up in the morning, as a woman and mother I feel like saying, enough!”.

”Surely she made a mistake, but now leave her alone, she deserves some serenity. And above all, what happened cannot overshadow all the beautiful things he has done – underlines the presenter in the long post – #EnoughVerbalViolence, let’s hug each other. We can all make mistakes, we can all lose our way, the important thing is to understand, fix it and come back stronger than before. #ForzaChiara. Belen”.