Belen Rodriguez amazing at Le Iene, the purple dress leaves you breathless: how much it costs

The latest look worn by Belen Rodriguez at Le Iene leaves its mark: the purple sheath dress with the detail on the hips is amazing, how much it costs

Enchanting, there is little to say. In all guises Belen Rodriguez leaves its mark and leaves you breathless. The showgirl loves to show off all her beauty and in tight and skimpy dresses she is ready to show it off to the fullest. Whether it’s a classic white sheath dress like the one worn in the penultimate episode of Le Iene or a more ‘bare’ mini look, Belen always manages to be a style icon.

Credits: Instagram

The beautiful showgirl and TV presenter knows how to make her mark and in terms of fashion Belen Rodriguez does not miss a beat. The looks presented in the latest episodes aired by Le Iene have made a lot of talk about her, who is known to wear them divinely. The first outfits worn by Belen in the first episodes of Le Iene where she prevailed the total black have now given way to spring-colored looks, impossible not to remember the yellow minidress, ready to bring a breath of fresh air! And what can we say about last night’s look? Have you seen the purple dress worn by Belen? Here’s how much it costs.

Belen Rodriguez, how much does the purple sheath dress worn at Le Iene cost

Charm, beauty and sensuality combine with the talent of the beautiful Argentine showgirl. Her straight hair and a bright and flawless makeup. Belen Rodriguez is amazing at Le Iene wearing the purple sheath dress laced on the hips.

A designer sheath dress, signed by David Koma. Thin straps and a wide neckline. But the detail that most captures the sight of the tight-fitting sheath dress is certainly that of the strings on the hips that highlight the silhouette of the beautiful Argentine. How much does the dress worn by Belen cost? The price, as the Closet Italy fashion page tells us on its Instagram page, is 1124.95 euros.

belen sheath dress how much it costs
How much does the purple sheath dress worn by Belen Rodridugez cost at Le Iene (Credits: Instagram)

Now we are very curious to know the outfit that the presenter will wear in the new episode of Le Iene, on air next Wednesday!