Belen Rodriguez and Stefano De Martino, wonderful news: the new life together begins like this

Belen Rodriguez reveals what was the first step of the new life next to Stefano De Martino with whom she has been back as a couple for months now.

After several distances and rapprochements, Belen and Stefano De Martino they are a couple again and this time they seem determined to keep the newfound union strong. After the paparazzi during the first part of the year, the two finally came out and started showing themselves on social media together.

Stefano De Martino and Belen couple (Credits: Instagram)

The Argentine showgirl and the former dancer also documented the holidays spent together as a family. After the days on a boat to the wonderful Pontine Islands and the return to the Island of Albarella on the Adriatic Sea, they often showed up in a fabulous villa in Naples.

As we could see from some stories shared by the two on Instagram, the house has a huge garden and a huge swimming pool. Around, a large patio ideal for spending relaxing hours in the open air. A space that allows the conductor of Hyenas even to organize his own gym. A not insignificant detail for them, often besieged by paparazzi, is the great privacy that the villa, with its private access to the sea, is able to ensure.

The exact location where this marvel stands is Posillipo, which has always been one of the most beautiful places in the Campania capital. The villa, as shown by the couple’s social media images, is located near Villa Fattorusso and the Conca sul mare, very popular locations for hosting events.

Interviewed by the weekly Peoplethe beautiful South American talked about the flashback with Santiago’s father and other details regarding this new chapter of the couple’s life.

Belen Rodriguez and Stefano De Martino: the showgirl tells about the newfound happiness

In recent months, we have repeatedly seen on social media that the return of the flame between Belen and Stefano also involves the couple’s family members, undoubtedly happy that harmony is once again between the two reigns. Moreover, even Cecilia, the sister of ‘Belu’ had made it clear long ago that the chapter with the former dancer was not completely closed.

Now, the eldest daughter of the Rodriguez family lets the weekly know People that she and Stefano bought land in Marechiaro where they will build a house with a garden. “My father Gustavo will also give us a hand. So our son Santiago will be able to have his house on the tree, like any child ”, he anticipates.

Then, the tender memory of childhood times: “I also had one as a child”. The one in Santiago, however, “will also have a small terrace”. Is the beloved couple planning a permanent move to the south? Not exactly, she explains: “Moving there? Not really, at first we will go back and forth ”.

Rodriguez and De Martino
De Martino and Belen Rodriguez together again (Credits: Instagram)

What can I say, Stefano and Belen could not have started over better than this!