Belen Rodriguez, bad episode for his brother: a really hard blow for him

Bad episode for Belen Rodriguez’s brother: he would never have imagined it, a really hard blow for him, what happened.

After the bad episode that happened to Ignazio Moser and Cecilia last weekend, another member of the Rodriguez family is the protagonist of a very unpleasant event. It is Jeremias himself, Belen’s younger brother, to be the protagonist.

Bad episode for Belen Rodriguez’s brother: what happened. Credits: instagram

According to what we read on Fanpage, it would seem that a little less than a week ago Jeremias Rodriguez was the protagonist of a bad episode. The fact, apparently, would have happened in the night between 22 and 23 June, but only after a few days the complaint was presented. Until now, Jeremias Rodriguez has kept a certain reserve and has never expressed a word about it. We are sure, however, that the episode has shaken him a lot. What happened? Let’s find out together.

Bad episode for Jeremias, Belen Rodriguez’s brother

It happened almost a week ago, as we said previously, and yet of the bad episode of which he was the protagonist Belen Rodriguez’s brother we know something about it only now. According to what is learned, it seems that Jeremias was the victim of a theft. Yes, several weeks after the thrilling story of the former face of Canale 5 about the attempted robbery, even the young Argentine had to deal with this very cruel reality.

From what we learn from Fanpage, it would seem that his motocross bike was stolen from the South Milan motodrome and kart track. Apparently, the thieves seem to have studied the shot in great detail. Not only would they cut the fence, but they would also defuse the surveillance system, stealing young Jeremias’ red and black Honda 250 along with a petrol can.

How was your passion born?

Although he has not uttered a word at all about the theft suffered in recent days, we imagine that for Jeremias Rodriguez it was really a hard blow to learn that his motocross bike was stolen. On the other hand, his passion for this sport was truly immense. Very active on social media, the young Rodriguez – in addition to several shots in the company of his girlfriend – used to share photos of his motorcycle or his racing.

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Credits: Instagram

We hope that this bad parenthesis can pass soon.