Belen Rodriguez reveals the post pregnancy beauty treatment: how to do 20,000 sit-ups in 30 minutes

Even after the second pregnancy, Belen Rodriguez continues to show off a super body: she herself has revealed her ‘secret’.

It was understood that Mother Nature was particularly generous with Belen many years ago, but perhaps not everyone expected that after two pregnancies could keep herself perfect! Yet it is so: the most famous Argentine in Italy seems to have never entered the delivery room so much she is in shape.

Belen Rodriguez unveils the post pregnancy beauty treatment: this is how 20,000 sit-ups in 30 minutes (Credits: Instagram)

Mom of Santiagoborn in 2013 from the union with Stefano De Martinothe showgirl gave birth to her second child months ago Luna Marìdaughter of former partner Antonino Spinalbese.

The followers who follow her via social media and the public who see her in this period at the helm of Hyenas alongside Teo Mammuccari they cannot help but wonder how he manages to keep his statuesque physique intact.

Just yesterday afternoon, the 37-year-old shared with her 10 million followers some stories on Instagram in which she describes live the beauty treatment she undergoes to achieve those excellent results.

Belen Rodriguez shows fans the special post pregnancy treatment: what it is

Having gone to her trusted clinic, Villa Brasini, Belen recovered with her cell phone to show how the aesthetic session takes place. Lying on a bed with her belly uncovered, she explained that a birth often leads to a detachment of the fabrics. It is therefore advisable to take special precautions after terminating a pregnancy.

As explained by the doctor next to her, in addition to radiofrequency, a Emsculpt. It is a procedure that, thanks to electromagnetic energy, helps eliminate fat residues, increase muscle mass and sculpt the silhouette.

“It’s like doing 20,000 sit-ups in 30 minutes,” she said with the expert’s confirmation. The beautiful South American, however, specified that these sessions must necessarily be combined with a correct diet and constant activity sporty. Habits that are also part of his daily routine because these treatments alone are never enough to shape the body.

Belen Rodriguez post pregnancy
Credits: Instagram

Well done Belen!