Belen Rodriguez’s ankle boots do not go unnoticed: they will be the must of autumn

Belen Rodriguez shows the latest in footwear: the boots she wore are really the latest fashion, have you seen them?

Continue to fully experience this golden moment, the beautiful one Belensurrounded by the love of their children Santiago and Luna and that of Stefano De Martino. With the former dancer, by now, they have returned to being an official couple for a while. To make everything perfect, the professional commitments that certainly do not lack.

Belen Rodriguez fashion look (Credits: Instagram)

As soon as the holidays ended, in fact, both she and Stefano had to fulfill their duties and if the former dancer flew on the red carpet of the Venice Film FestivalBelen went to Rome for the recordings of the new season of You yes que vales. The splendid Argentine took advantage of a few free moments and from the hotel room where she is staying in the capital she gave fans some shots that show her in all her beauty. Obviously, also revealing the details of his look.

Precisely this has attracted the attention of followers: always attentive to details and the latest news in terms of fashion, Rodriguez also this time did not go unnoticed. What immediately caught the eye is the perfect mix of clothing and accessories that the famous South American has chosen for this transition period between summer and autumn. Especially hers ankle boots they left everyone breathless: look how special they are!

Belen Rodriguez, autumn is already in the air: those boots will be snapped up

After driving everyone crazy with his manicure super elegant, Belen wanted to give the fans another starting point from which to draw ideas for these last days of summer and for the next autumn months. In one of her Ig stories about her, we saw her in a large black t-shirt and a pair of denim shorts by Yves Saint Laurent.

An ideal match for the current climate in which temperatures are starting to drop, but which can still give you a few days at sea. The wide black and tobacco striped ankle boots are incredibly seductive Jimmy Choo, as seen from the metal monogram. Worn without socks, as required by the current season, they ensure an even more intriguing effect! Made of eel skin, online they have a price that is not exactly cheap. They cost indeed 1,125 euros.

Once again Belen has managed to perfectly mix casual and at the same time very seductive garments by adding a model of boots destined to become a must of this upcoming Autumn. Their two colors then adapt perfectly to the atmosphere of the next season, don’t you believe it too?

Belen Rodriguez ankle boots
Belen Rodriguez autumn fashion ankle boots (Credits: Instagram)

What can I say, we would not be surprised at all if Belen’s ankle boots became the most popular footwear in the coming months!