Belen Rodriguez’s morning beauty routine: what she does to have a perfect face

You will certainly have noticed that Belen Rodriguez’s face is also always at the ‘top’: she herself showed off her beauty routine as soon as she woke up.

The enchanting beauty of Belen Rodriguez it certainly does not need to be emphasized, but the well-known showgirl is always able to amaze and attract the curiosity of her followers. In addition to being one of the characters on the crest of the wave for many years now, she is in fact also one of the most followed showgirls on social media.

Belen Rodriguez beauty secrets (Credits: Instagram)

Despite her enormous popularity, Rodriguez loves to remain herself and share many details of her daily and working life with admirers. Especially in this period we see her very busy on TV, with the conduction of two much loved Mediaset programs, that is Hyenas And Tu si que vales.

Without forgetting the hardest job in the world, that of mom! Many shots and videos that capture the sweetest moments together with the little Santiago and Luna Marì that clearly show all the love that the beautiful Argentine dedicates to the family. In her agenda there is also space for the various entrepreneurial projects of her clothing lines and it is really not known where Belen finds the time to do everything and also very well!

It can’t be easy to keep looking so flawless despite the stress, yet she succeeds. How? Recently, for example, you unveiled yours beauty routine morning to always have a fresh and luminous facial skin. Watch!

Belen Rodriguez shows the steps of her beauty routine: what to do every morning

In some stories shared on her Instagram profile, Rodriguez caught herself in a video and showed how she keeps her face so perfect. First, she removes her make-up with a cleansing milk. She then removes the dead cells with a pipe cleaner and moisturizes the skin with serum.

Belen Rodriguez beauty routine
Belen Rodriguez beauty routine (Credits: Instagram)

Then practice an effective face massage and proceeds with a vitamin C mask.

Belen Rodriguez beauty routine
Belen Rodriguez skin care (Credits: Instagram)

In this last Ig story, Belen then listed all the steps.

Belen Rodriguez beauty Routine
Belen Rodriguez face skin (Credits: Instagram)

What does your beauty routine include?