Belgium, six-month-old Italian girl dies at nursery school: investigation into beatings

A six-month-old girl of Italian origin died last night in Belgium, following the injuries sustained, perhaps, in a fall in a nursery school. According to what was declared by the educator who had him in custody, it was an accidental fall, but the reconstruction is not convincing and an investigation into alleged beatings had already been opened yesterday. The incident occurred in a kindergarten in Kessel-Lo, near Louvain. “The loss of her leaves a hole in our hearts,” wrote the parents on social media.

The farewell of parents on social media

The girl struggled for a few days between life and death in intensive care in the hospital, for a skull fracture and a cerebral hemorrhage. In the early hours of today, the parents gave the heartbreaking announcement to their acquaintances on social media: “A. will never wake up again. They were the best six months of our lives and his loss leaves a hole in our hearts. The father and the mom they will always think of you. Goodbye my baby,” they wrote.

An investigation has been opened on the educator

According to what was already reported yesterday by the Belgian media, given the seriousness of the injuries, a coroner was immediately appointed who judged them incompatible with the reconstruction and an investigation was therefore opened into the thirty-year-old educator on suspicion of assault and beatings. The little girl’s parents have lived in Belgium for several years. Her mother is from Carmiano, in Salento. While the father is from Pisa. The child’s funeral will be held in Belgium.