Believe it or not, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez now sing together

Ben Affleck sang a song with Jennifer Lopez at their Christmas party and didn’t even know they could sing, yet the couple known as BENNIFER are already preparing to celebrate their first Christmas as a married couple, and are targets of admiration and applause from their fans.

And as they have already shown, it is quite obvious that this second chance at love has made their bond even stronger. Her loving feelings were on full display at her recent star-studded party over the weekend.

Ben even broke into a song, and it really showed that he can sing.

The guests at the party, which reportedly included Kim Kardashian, Doja Cat, Eric André, Vanessa Hudgens and Jane Fonda, they gathered around a piano.

Ben grabbed a microphone and began to sing the Christmas song from John Legend By Christmas Eve.

Jenn is seen looking lovingly at Ben with nothing but admiration on her face. “Go Slow,” Affleck jokingly insisted on vocal coach and pianist Stevie Mackey as the song began to take off.

In the multiple videos posted to Instagram, Jenn slowly coaxes Ben up, raising the microphone closer to his mouth, before joining in on the song at the end. Without a doubt, the moment is very sweet. It will put you in the Christmas spirit and give you all the love vibes you need to cap off a perfect year like theirs.

“I’ll follow the stars just to know where you are / You can count on me / Make a wish, close your eyes and believe / I’ll be home, home, home, home, home for Christmas Eve” sang the lovers and surely there is no nothing more fun than seeing Ben Affleck singing “By Christmas Eve”, so we hope you enjoy it.

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