Belinda imposes a trend with ideal pajamas for cold days

Belinda he has almost 16 million followers on his official Instagram account. There he always shares the looks of his concerts or for a photo session. Her followers are always attentive to what she wears, in order to be fashionable. The same thing did not happen in one of her last posts.

Belinda She posed in front of the mirror with a miniskirt and a black lurex top. However, his fans noticed what was in the background: white slippers, not entirely clean. “Did anyone else notice the flip-flops, one on top of the trunk next to the glass of water and the other thrown away?”, “Beli I love you very much, but what a shitty do you have in your room” and “Everyone watching @belindapop and me thinking because there is a flip-flop on top of the trunk” were some of the messages he received.

However, ‘the princess of pop’ has not stopped to respond to the messages and has continued to set a trend on social networks. in your account instagram He published a photo session in front of the mirror wearing blue stuffed pajamas, with the character of Igor, the old donkey from Winnie the Pooh. Undoubtedly, this garment is ideal for the approaching winter in Mexico.

Belinda in her Igor pajamas. Source: Instagram @belindapop

In the photos, beli carry a white kitten, the new member of the family. “Welcome to the Glen Family, thanks for existing,” he wrote in the post. Then he confessed: “It’s the first time I have a kitten and I don’t know much about how they behave, I’ve always been doggy, but I fell in love with this baby since I saw it.”

Belinda and her new pet. Source: Instagram @belindapop

The actress also appealed to the kindness of her followers and made a very special request: “If someone can write me more about the behavior of cats and how to be the best mom for him, they would make me very happy, although sometimes I want to squeezing and hugging him all the time, I’ve noticed that Los Gatos are more independent and that gives me more anxiety.” “Tell me, do you have kittens??” she asked Belinda to his fans and was filled with recommendations.

Glen, Belinda’s new cat. Source: Instagram @belindapop