Belkin, proof of the car holder that charges the iPhone

Looking for solid car mounts that can also charge your smartphone, we came across the interesting Boost Charge magnetic car charger from Belkin, an accessory company. Here are all the features

What it is and how it works

The charger is compatible with most car air conditioning vents and installs in minutes. It is composed of a powerful magnetic module that hooks the iPhone and holds it firmly – we have tried it firsthand – even when the car is subjected to great stresses, such as dirt roads, holes, gravel. In the package there is also a charging cable and a cigarette lighter adapter that allows you to recharge the phone with 10W of power using Magsafe technology. Finally, the charger has a swivel design that allows you to place the phone, using only one hand, in a horizontal or vertical orientation.

Compatibility and pricing

Our road test with an iPhone 13 Pro Max (the phone with the heaviest Apple, therefore) went very well and the holder / charger always performed very well. Compatible with iPhones starting from model 12, it costs 50 euros.