“Bellies are back in fashion”: Selena Gomez shows herself in costume on social media

“Bellies are back in fashion”: Selena Gomez shows up in costume on social media and sends a very important message.

He is one of the most loved stars in the world. 341 million followers on Instagram and almost 43 million on Tik Tok, Selena Gomez is a real idol for entire generations.

Selena Gomez (Instagram Credits)

The singer and actress, now 30, has become famous since she was a child, when she starred first in the TV series Barney and then in several Disney series. And it is right as a Disney face that Gomez achieved great popularity, most notably with the role of Alex Russo in The Wizards of Weverly. It was only the beginning of a career full of successes for Selena, both from the point of view of acting and music: today the American is a real star. And her social content is followed and appreciated by millions and millions of people. As happened with the last video shared by Gomez on her Tik Tok channel. A video in which Selena shows up in costume and sends a message very important. Let’s find out what it is.

Selena Gomez in costume: “I’m not holding my breath”, the message is precious

The images have gone viral and it is no coincidence: Selena Gomez is one of the most loved and followed artists of the moment. And, in recent days, she has become the spokesperson for a really valuable message, especially if it is cast by characters with such a following.

The American singer and actress lets herself be filmed while lying in the boat, in costume, but has no intention of pulling in her belly. “Real bellies are making a comeback, okay?”Selena exclaims as she strokes her belly. Which she absolutely does not want to hide by throwing an important message of body positivity. Yet another, given that the star has always worked hard on this point of view, throwing herself several times against body shaming.

“I honestly don’t care how much I weigh, because people complain about it anyway. If i too small, too big, it’s not good….I’m perfect just the way I am! Moral of the story? Goodbye, ”he said in another video on Tik Tok a few months ago, in response to some criticism about his physical appearance. That’s not all: the star has always been very attentive to the mental health issue, helping to raise public awareness as much as possible. And by creating a platform, called Wondermind, to help people feel better.

selena gomez costume
Selena in costume (Credits Tik Tok)

Selena herself had mental health problems, but felt better when she managed to deal with them. The star has always spoken openly about her depression and anxiety about her, and she revealed that she has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.