Beloved actress lives difficult moment: the most painful farewell

A painful farewell arrives for the most loved actress: it’s a difficult moment, time will determine when she will recover. What happened.

Even the personalities of the entertainment world experience moments of great confusion. A respected actress from the small and big screen, he is having a very difficult time. No one would have expected such news, it’s like a bolt from the blue that falls suddenly. After so many years it will be hard to start over, but the time has come to say enough. Here you are what happened and the reasons of choice.

actress breaks up with husband- Sologossip

There is talk of a very painful goodbye. Everyone’s life lives by it, be it rich or poor, famous or common people, men or women, and in short, any other categorization. The tragedies captain, you can’t avoid them sometimes, you just try to face them with broad shoulders and strength. The actress lives this difficult moment without hiding its weaknesses.

The actress is experiencing a difficult moment, everything will change for her

There news comes from Today editorial team, who discovered the information via a source close to the actress, according to reports on the web. 2022 has been a more than tough year, especially on the relationship front. The actress who is experiencing this difficult moment is a woman much appreciated for her acting skills and the strong character she has always shown both on and off the screen.

The estrangement it was inevitable, but after 19 years of love it will be more than tough. The actress separates from her husband, and even at the end of 2022 we are talking about goodbyes and divorces. The two characters were bound by a strong complicity, but something went wrong.

Elena Sofia Ricci actress lives difficult moment
Elena Sofia Ricci (Credits: @elenasofiaricci_officialpage) – Sologossip

Elena Sofia Ricci and Stefano Mainetti they say goodbye after 19 years of marriage. 2022 has been a year of massacres for the longest-lived couples. In fact, several couples who have been together for years have broken up, but love can always end, or maybe there is more? The voices they had already been hovering partly in the air for some time, because the two had no longer been seen around together and not even at public events.

THE interested parties they haven’t spoken yet, but they seem quite ready to move forward without second thoughts. A legal separation is already underway. In Rome we talk about nothing else. The event that happened leaves dismay. Recently the daughter Mary had walked on Red Carpet of the Rome Film Fest with his mother, on the occasion of his birthday since he turned 18.

The separations they don’t end there, because also abandons the cast of Che Dio help us! It won’t be anymore Sister Angela. For Elena Sofia Ricci start a new year in every sense, from work to love!