Beloved actress opens up about her pain: ‘I’ve had 9 miscarriages’

The actress talks about her pain, the confession is difficult but she let herself go with the words: “I had 9 abortions”.

One of the most loved actresses she told a long time ago that she had 9 miscarriages in her life. Talking about it will certainly have been difficult. In fact, we know that telling private facts is always complicated, especially when it comes to personal and intimate matters. It is for everyone. Opening up to others and revealing yourself completely doesn’t come lightly but there is first a phase where you focus on what to say and whether to do it.

“Had 9 abortions” (credits: instagram) only gossip

It is even more difficult for characters from the world of entertainment. As soon as they reveal something about their life, they are greeted by many comments, judgments and opinions, often not too kind. Added to this is the fact that the newspapers and even the paparazzi try to find out things about VIPs that no one knows yet to bring out a gossip. Sometimes, however, it becomes necessary to tell each other, because keeping everything inside is not a good thing.

And that’s what the actress we’re about to tell you about did. She had already revealed in her autobiography that she had 9 miscarriages but she decided to dig into that wound again by responding under a social post from People magazine: here’s what he reported.

The beloved actress made a difficult confession and recounted her pain: “I’ve had 9 miscarriages”,

Some time ago, in her autobiography, she recounted the pain of having suffered 9 abortions. Sharon Stone went back to sinking her hands into that wound and at the bottom of a social post from People magazine, he left a comment. This post reported the drama of Peta Murgatroyd, the Dancing With The Stars dancer who lost a child while her husband was in Ukraine.

Sharon wrote that women lack a space where they can talk about how painful it is to experience such a loss. In response, she also put on paper that she had had 9 abortions in her lifetime. She wrote that it is not a trivial matter, neither on a physical level and she is not even on a psychological level: “I have lost nine babies to abortions. It’s not a trivial matter, neither physically nor psychologically“.

confession 9 abortions
Confession of the actress (credits: instagram) sologossip

She says that many times women are left with nothing to do but deal with this pain alone, when in reality, there is a need for compassion, support, empathy and all the attention and care. You wanted to comment on the social post of People magazine in order to send a very important message, that of not leaving women alone in moments of great pain and difficulty like these. Pain that she herself faced by undergoing 9 miscarriages.