Beloved actress was rejected at the auditions of The brilliant friend: incredible background

Beloved actress was rejected at the auditions of The brilliant friend: the incredible background that not everyone knows

She is one of the most loved actresses in our country, an all-round artist with undeniable talent. She too, however, happened not to be taken to an audition, and not just any one.

The brilliant friend (Credits Raiplay)

The actress revealed she was rejected at the casting of The brilliant friend, one of the most followed and appreciated series of our small screen. A role that the actress would have played with great pride. Here’s where she was contacted and how she went.

The famous actress was rejected at the auditions of L’amica Geniale

Well yes, Serene Rossi was rejected at the auditions of The brilliant friend. The well-known Neapolitan actress had been called to play the role of Lila, but the casting was not successful. It was she who told it in an interview with Grazia last year.

“A failed audition? It happened with the brilliant friend: they called me for the part of Lila. At that time I was busy on the set of Mina Settembre. I wondered how it would have gone if I had had more time to prepare. She was a nice strong woman role ”. A background that not everyone knows, the one told by Rossi, who was one step away from joining the cast of the Rai fiction, taken from Elena Ferrante’s bestsellers. For the third season of the series, Elisa Del Genio and Margherita Mazzucco were confirmed, in the role of the two protagonists Elena and Lila.

actress the brilliant friend
Serena Rossi (Instagram Credits)

When will The Brilliant Friend 4 air?

The Rai series is taken from the stories of Elena Ferranti and the TV adaptation is also faithfully following the titles of the various books. Four books and, therefore, four seasons of the fiction, produced by Rai Fiction in co-production with HBO. The fourth and final installment of the series will be called The Brilliant Friend – Story of the lost child and will find Saverio Costanzo, director of the first two seasons, at the direction of the first two episodes: the rest of the series will see Daniele Lucchetti as director again, as in season number three. The release date of season number 4 has not yet been announced but we are talking about 2024. A season that will come with a great news.

The two protagonists Elena “Lenù” Greco and Raffella “Lila” Cerullo will change their faces, due to the time jump: we will find ourselves in front of two women now adults. Alba Rohrwatcher (the narrator of Lenù since the first season) will take the place of Margherita Mazzucco, while it is not yet known who will be Lila in place of Gaia Girace. We just have to wait to find out more about the last long-awaited chapter of one of the most intense and beloved series on our TV.