Beloved in the 90s, but after the success on TV it does anything else: it has drastically changed its life

She was very popular in the 90s, but after her success on TV today she decided to do something else: she drastically changed her life.

There are so many faces that have alternated on our small local screens and who have been able to make the history of Italian TV, but this one we will talk about in a few moments is among the most important and loved of the 90s. Debuted in a well-known TV program of the time, the very young girl was able to easily conquer everyone. She not only knew how to ride the crest immediately, but she also started taking part in several successful shows.

Face tv. Credits: Instagram

Although the incredible success found around the 90’s, the very young woman has chosen to say ‘goodbye’ to the world of TV. She too – as well as Walter Nudo, who today is dedicated to something completely different in her life – wanted to get away from the world of the spotlight and to do something else.

To reveal everything in the smallest detail, it was the person directly concerned. In the course of one of her interviews with Fanpage last July, in fact, the woman said she was done with television and to date, to do anything else. Let’s understand something more closely.

She was beloved in the 90s, but today she does everything else: her life after the success on TV

Despite it was beloved in the 90s, as we said, the young woman has chosen to completely change her life once her experience in the famous program is over and to do something completely different. Just recently, in fact, she told her Fanpage that she had worked for about two years as a cashier in her partner’s hairdresser shop in Rome, but that she had to say ‘goodbye’ to this profession following the advance of Covid. We have closed due to the pandemic. We were in the Parioli area. The rent was very high and even though there was Covid, we had to pay it, ”she explained.

After this parenthesis of his life, the former TV face explained that he had started to work as a caregiver. A lady, in fact, was looking for a woman who could keep company and look after her mother of about 90 years and she did not miss the opportunity and proposed herself. “I don’t go there and I get paid”, he told Fanpage. Explaining that he has forged a very strong bond with the old lady and to take care of her in every way.

Together with Cristina Quaranta, who recently stunned with her words, Ilaria Galassi was also a super-loved face of Non è la rai. It is she who, after her success on TV, did not want to continue her journey on TV. She and she chose to devote themselves to something else in her life.

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Ilaria Galassi. Credits: Instagram

On several occasions, Ilaria has taken part in numerous salons, but would you like to see her a little more often on TV?