Belve 2023, Federico Fashion Style and the ‘confession’ to Francesca Fagnani

“Gay and Married? My Wife Probably Always Knew”

Federico Fashion Style confesses to Belve 2023, in Francesca Fagnani’s living room, in the episode of the show broadcast tonight on Rai2. The hairdresser to the stars, married and father of a little girl, revealed his homosexuality. His wife, he says, had probably understood everything some time ago. “I think she’s always known it and always imagined it. I don’t think that if her husband dressed in sequins comes into the house you won’t ask yourself a question, maybe there’s something that’s not right, something that doesn’t add up… But maybe maybe it was good for her too.”

When Fagnani asks when he realized he was homosexual, the guest replies: “You’re born with it, maybe even since I was little I felt different from the others, because I loved doing girls’ hair while the others played boys’ games.” Regarding the eating disorders he had during adolescence, he confesses: “I weighed about 110 kg. I was small and I hid inside myself while eating, it was my only outlet.”

The relationship with his daughter is now complicated: “It’s not that I don’t see her, in my opinion I see her too little. For me, that little girl is my reason for living, I believe there is nothing more than her. I am a father particular, I can be a father, I can be a mother, I can be her best friend… I am everything for her, I live for her”.