Belve, Emma Bonino: “I am cured of cancer” – Video

The senator guest of Francesca Fagnani on Rai2 in a preview of Tuesday’s episode

Emma Bonino unpublished at Belve 2023, the choices, the private life, the disappointment for Pannella and some wonderful news: “I am cured of the tumor”. An all-round portrait of the senator in prime time on Rai2 tomorrow Tuesday 10 October 2023, where there is no shortage of funny moments during the broadcast hosted by Francesca Fagnani: starting from the childhood spent with the peasant family in the Piedmont countryside, passing from the born political vocation from the traumatic experience of abortion that led her to join the Radical party and up to the present day: 40 years of Italian history condensed in a touching interview.

Emma Bonino: “I am cured of cancer”

When Fagnani reminds Bonino that many have accused her of having a certain political ambition, she replies: “Does it seem like a crime to you for women to have ambition? I have moved forward and will continue to go as far as my strength will take me, I hope for a long time…indeed, I want to give you some good news: I am cured of the tumor. I still have to have a confirmatory CT scan, but after 8 years this unwanted microcytoma is gone.”

The relationship with Marco Pannella

And on her relationship with Marco Pannella, when Fagnani asks her if she still misses him despite the breakdown in relations in recent years, Bonino confesses: “Yes, it was a unilateral breakup on his part. I never really understood why and I suffered a lot from it.” And when the journalist asks her: “Did you really not understand the reasons for the breakup?”, she replies categorically: “No, or maybe it hurt me so much that I absolutely wanted to turn the page and think about something else.” Is there something you wanted to tell him that you didn’t have time to tell him? “Yes, I wanted to ask him what’s wrong with you, what’s on your mind? He once said that I was a loyal bureaucrat, well.”

Guests of tomorrow’s episode October 10th

In addition to Emma Bonino, guests of tomorrow’s episode on Tuesday 10 October at Belve will be Stefania Nobile and Federico Fashion Style.