Belve Raidue, Raoul Bova to Francesca Fagnani: “Gay? Everyone thinks as they want”

The guest actor in the second episode of the program

Raoul Bova is unfazed by the rumors that have circulated in the past about his homosexuality. “Everyone thinks as they want”, says the actor to Belve, the program hosted by Francesca Fagnani on Rai due, broadcast tomorrow 3 October. The presenter reminds the guest of an interview in which the rumors relating to alleged homosexuality were categorically denied. Bova, at the time, had just separated. “Let’s say that in that period you didn’t have the clarity to always say exact things. I simply denied what was said about me. Many people talk about this side a bit like this, but everyone thinks as they want.”

The actor also tells Francesca Fagnani about his relationship with his ex-mother-in-law, the lawyer Annamaria Bernardini de Pace. When the presenter recalls a letter written by the lawyer and published by the media, Bova says: “These are things that people who are in great pain do; they try to vent their anger through any means to harm the other, thinking that the pain will then will ease. But I think in the end it’s a boomerang, the pain comes back.”

We also talk about his current relationship with Rocío Muñoz Morales, which began immediately after the end of his marriage: “We have overcome sometimes skepticism about our history, sometimes some attacks, and I must say that we have moved forward well and believing in ourselves Things, when you let time pass and are demonstrated with facts, work.” And about his image as a conqueror, he says categorically: “I avoid creating situations that can become ambiguous.” The presenter asks: “So you’re not trying?”. She replied: “No, but I also don’t give the opportunity to try to some people. With friends or acquaintances I never try to create an ambiguous situation.”