Ben Affleck and Matt Damon shared bank accounts: ‘It was like we were together’

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Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, colleagues and lifelong friends, have just revealed that at the beginning of their careers, they not only shared an apartment in Boston but even shared a joint bank account. “We needed audition money,” they explained on the March 21 episode of The Bill Simmons Podcast. Damon acknowledged that their relationship was unusual: “A strange thing thinking about it now.” And Affleck said: “Matt and I always felt like we were together.”

From Honor school (School Ties) by Robert Mandel (1992) a Will Hunting – Rebel genius (Good Will Hunting) by Gus Van Sant (1997) until the imminent Air – The story of the big jump (film to be released this year directed by Ben Affleck and with him and Matt Damon in the cast), these two best friends have never allowed anything or anyone to stand in the way of their friendship, including money. As they chronicled in Tuesday’s episode of The Bill Simmons Podcastthe two were as close as if not more than a couple and trusted each other so much that they shared a house and bank account.
“We would have helped each other,” Ben Affleck explained to Simmons. “I think that attitude has really helped us in ways that we couldn’t predict.”

The “all for one and one for all” approach

During their lean years in Beantown in the 1980s, this dynamic duo took an all-for-one, one-for-all approach. As Affleck told Simmons, “We were going to help each other out and we were there for each other. It was like, ‘You won’t be alone. I won’t be alone, let’s go out there and do this together.'”

In an age where celebrity couples can’t even discuss marriage without a prenup — as the site rightly points out Entertainment Weekly — the idea of ​​two friends sharing a bank account might seem a bit over the top, sure Sui generis. But their team-focused approach paid off, as we’re two friends who started out together and both went on to become Hollywood stars.

Affleck and Damon also share a production company.

And that’s not all: in addition to sharing the current account, in addition to having shared many sets, in addition to having been co-protagonists and co-authors of the screenplay of Will Hunting from 1997 (film for which they shared another very important thing, namely an Oscar for the screenplay), today they also share a production company.
It’s called Artists Equity, which they co-founded. And the first film to come out of their cinema house is Airstarring the legendary duo (and directed by Ben Affleck).
The film that tells the story of the partnership between the strongest basketball player ever, Michael Jordan, and Nike will arrive in theaters starting April 5th. Air promises to tell from the beginning the incredible story of how a sportsman and a brand have decided to grow together, up to touch Olympus. That too is the story of a partnership that has brought both a lot of success, a bit like in the case of Affleck and Damon.

We feel sorry for Jennifer Lopez, who will forever have to share her Ben’s heart with one more person… Till death do us part. Really in the case of Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. A wonderful Hollywood love story.