Ben Affleck is disappointed to see Jennifer Lopez promoting alcoholic beverages that ‘almost ruined his life’

According to reports, Ben Affleck hates to see his wife Jennifer Lopez promoting his brand of alcohol knowing full well how they almost “ruined his life”.

After the release of his alcoholic beverage, Delolamany JLo fans took to social media to call the singer-actress about her new venture, especially since she doesn’t drink.

Others also criticized her by pointing out the actor’s struggle air for being an alcoholic and how he’s been out of rehab over the years.

“A lot of people think this is in very bad taste,” a source told Heat magazine. “Ben works hard to stay sober and he has hard days like any recovering alcoholic.”

“He would rather there be no alcohol in the house, but he has to sit and watch Jen work on this project. It all feels inappropriate.”the source added.

The Shotgun Wedding star even revealed that the design of her Italian seaside-inspired drink was inspired by her husband, saying: “In the royal bottle, I put two lions: Ben and I are Leo.”

“She’s just putting her name on a marketable product, she doesn’t see a problem with that.”the source talked about how Lopez has not been affected by criticism.

As for Affleck, the source said: “So far, Ben has shown remarkable willpower, but he can’t help but feel disappointed to see his wife promote something that almost ruined his life.”