Ben Brereton’s girlfriend turned up the heat in translucent ensemble

Ben Breretton He has been on vacation for a few days with his partner Kimberly Abbott. The striker also shared images and showed that they were with his mother, Andrea Díaz. However, he did not mention the destination, probably to protect the privacy of the whole family.

Upon returning, Ben He posted some smiling photos from the pitch with the caption “Preseason Prep.” Blackburn Rovers began the preseason ahead of a friendly tournament in Portugal thinking about what the Championship will be, where they hope to be promoted to the Premier League.

Source: Twitter @Rovers

Beyond football Ben He has gotten some sponsors to be the image of his commercials. In this case, he signed with Pepsi, the company that distributes soft drinks. Her face can be seen in audiovisual cuts and advertising posters. So much so that the official account of Blackburn Rovers shared an image of the player while he cooled off during one of the pre-season training sessions with a bottle of water.

In the last days, Kimberly Abbott She shared two photos wearing an aqua green ensemble that highlighted her Caribbean tan. Her hair was left loose and wavy, and she accompanied the look with a delicate make up. “New collection” titled the post.

Source: Instagram @kimberleyabbottt

The publication exceeded 4,300 likes and 40 comments. “How well accompanied is Benjamin. No?”, “My boyfriend’s girlfriend is cute” and “Ben and I like that cut” were just some of them, which made reference to the La Roja attacker.

Source: Instagram @kimberleyabbottt