Benedetta and Cristina Parodi by the sea: without make-up and filters, the natural sisters

The Parodi sisters, Benedetta and Cristina show themselves in a selfie by the sea without any filter and without makeup: how they are natural

Two beautiful and successful women who with their talent have conquered the public since their television beginnings. Benedetta and Cristina Parodi are the most loved sisters on the Web!

The Parodi sisters (Credits: Instagram)

The social profile of the beloved food blogger in this super summer goes crazy with memorable shots that see her in the company of her splendid family enjoying the sea and the sun as well as good food. The same beloved host of Bake Off delights us every day through her official Instagram channel with really appetizing stories and posts. But to capture the attention in these previous hours was a photo shared by Benedetta Parodi within her profile that portrays her together with her beloved sister Cristina Parodi. Together with the sea, the Parodi sisters appear without makeup and filters completely natural. Have you seen them? Here is the shot that portrays them together.

The sisters Benedetta and Cristina Parodi natural: here they are without make-up and filters

After having inaugurated the beginning of the summer season at the end of May with the first photo of the sea, Benedetta Parodi is now on vacation before returning to the set of the new edition of the sweetest talent there is.

Well, between the recording of one episode and the other of the new edition of Bake Off which we will see going on air starting from next September with many new features, summer has also arrived for Benedetta Parodi who, on vacation with his family, can enjoy moments of pure relaxation between a swim in the sea, reading a good book and cooking to prepare dishes of inimitable goodness. For a few weeks the beloved TV presenter has reached the threshold of 50 years of age, and has celebrated the half century reached together with her splendid family. She is beautiful as always, she is close to 50 and she shows herself in splendid shape. But how does she do it? The gorgeous presenter has revealed her secret!

It delights us every day with recipes that can be repeated at home and obviously appetizing, capable of conquering anyone’s palate. But the Instagram gallery of the beloved presenter and food blogger is also embellished with sweets shots that portray her in the family. Among these, one of the last to have received a lot of attention is the shot that sees the portraits Parodi sisters at the sea. They spend their summer holidays together and between one moment and the next, a photo is taken to capture the moment and the perfect smile!

parodi sisters
The natural Parodi sisters (Credits: Instagram)

In this shot where they appear together, happy and carefree the sisters Benedetta and Cristina Parodi they enjoy the last moments of the day before the sun goes down. We see them completely natural, without make-up and without any filter. Have you ever seen them like this? Don’t you think they are really beautiful?