Benedetta Porcaroli at the Berlin Film Festival: “I live this career like a marathon”

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Every year the Berlinale dedicates space to emerging talents, those young actors who have distinguished themselves on the European scene and who, during the days of the Festival, can meet producers and directors to coordinate the future of their careers. The section is called Shooting Stars and after the participation of Matilda DeAngelis in 2018, this year was the turn of Blessed Porcaroliyoung Roman talent that we have seen in the Netflix series Babyin movies The Catholic School, 7 women and a mysteryand recently between the Venice Film Festival and the Rome Film Fest with Amanda And The Hummingbird.

The Shooting Stars experience

“This Berlinale initiative is an unmissable opportunity for an actor. I met many directors, producers and casting directors,” Porcaroli said at a press meeting in Berlin. I am very happy to be present in this edition chaired by Kristen Stewart who is an actress that I adore,” he added. “When I started working I realized that this was the right place for me and they told me to find a plan B because it’s always a very precarious job. Instead I wanted to bet on this road and I didn’t look back”. In the roles that she has played to date, Benedetta Porcaroli has shown that she knows how to combine melancholy and lightness with the right sensitivity and a distinctive charisma. “I am a romantic and passionate person”, she confessed, emphasizing that melancholy in particular is an emotion that belongs to her.

The hardest roles

During the meeting in Berlin, she revealed that to date the role that has required the most effort from her has been that of the film The Catholic School which tells the story of the Circeo massacre, but also Amandadirected by Caroline Cavalliin which he plays with Joan Midday And Michael Good it was an intense challenge. However “I try to proceed in small steps: I live this career like a marathon. That of the actor is a long, winding road. For me it is above all a passion and I try to hold on to this in difficult moments ”, she said enthusiastically about his work even if he steals a lot of her time and energy and sometimes“ I am not very comfortable in my shoes ”. “I’ve lost a little light-heartedness, but maybe I never had any. Of course I can give more value to things, like relationships, the people I love. I try to be a good companion, a good friend, an actress and a good daughter, without distorting myself”.

The next projects

Among his upcoming projects is The Gospel according to Mary taken from the novel by Barbara Alberti, set in Sardinia. Porcaroli plays the Virgin Mary who rebels against her fate and decides to have a child with a man she loves, rather than obeying a divine imposition. “Perhaps she is the most all-encompassing character she has ever had the opportunity to interpret,” said the young actress, continuing: “Maria on stage is a moving character, not the statue we usually admire. She is a girl from Galilee who wants to live, study, be free, but a destiny will be imposed on her ”. Furthermore Bendetta Porcaroli will also be the protagonist of a horror film, Immaculate by Michael Mohanfilmed in Rome alongside Sydney Sweeney. Among his favorite films of this genre Saw The Riddlerwhile among the latest releases at the cinema they hit her The Fabelmans by Spielberg e Decision to Leave by Park Chan-wook. When asked about the actresses she takes as models and sources of inspiration, she replied: “Diane Keaton has always made me laugh a lot. But Kate Winslet is without a doubt my favorite. I like the honesty that transpires from her acting, without superstructures ”.