Benedetta Rossi: “If I could I would avoid”, tells the whole truth on social media

Benedetta Rossi tells the whole truth on social media by replying to followers: “If I could I would avoid”.

Benedetta Rossi is now a well-known food blogger and thanks to her work she has also become very famous on television. You started making video tutorials on youtube many years ago, in 2011. As she reports in writing on her website, when she started she did not speak but explained the recipes only through the use of her hands.

Benedetta rossi, truth (credits: youtube)

She says that since childhood her aunts showed the preparation of dishes only using their hands, without giving explanations by voice. She learned this way and so she started moving in this area. For about 15 years she worked in the family farmhouse and once their farmhouse was renovated she began to record and publish videos. She did not imagine the success, the views were increasing day by day.

Such a high number led to the creation of the Fattoincasadabenedetta website, the first step towards the debut on the small screen. In fact, a program of his own was created shortly after. Today Benedetta is very popular not only on TV but also on social media. On the instagram profile she interacts with followers by posting recipes or personal images here and talking to them. In the last few days you have opened the question box and answered some of the users’ curiosities. The foodblogger also revealed a ‘truth’ that many wanted to know.

Benedetta Rossi: “If I could avoid”, the foodblogger reveals the whole truth on social media

After starting to take his first steps by recording video tutorials on youtube he did not expect to receive such a huge following. But it did. Before Benedetta Rossi he took up the recipes only through the use of his hands without explanations in words only later did the change occur.

The well-known fooblogger has made it all the way to television, with a program of its own that has had a strong following from the public since it debuted. In 2011 she opened her youtube channel, she then published her first recipe book and it was in 2018 that she landed on the small screen with the Homemade for you format. Thanks to her we can learn easy and delicious recipes. She also shows the same recipes on social networks where she is followed by millions of people. Benedetta interacts with followers by posting videos and photos but also with stories, often talking to them. Recently responding to some users’ curiosities regarding the registration of her format, revealed a truth that many apparently wanted to know.

benedetta rossi truth
Benedetta Rossi, truth (redits. Instagram)

Someone asked her: “Do you like wearing makeup? “and she made it known that she would avoid: “But for the TV lights you need a bit of makeup “. Apparently the foodblogger would avoid wearing makeup but for the lights of the small screen it takes a bit of make-up, she explains.