Benedetta Rossi, the dream becomes reality: everything changes

There is an air of ambitious news in Benedetta Rossi’s house. The revelation comes as a good wish for the new year. Here’s what it is.

The public can not help but Blessed Rossi, probably embodies the worthy heir de The test of the cook, Antonella Clerici, but without a doubt it has acquired its own style that makes it original and unlike any other promoter of recipes and passion for cooking. For years now, viewers have interfaced with her format and bought the books written by her, but not everyone knows how much work is behind it, also “uncomfortable”. In fact, it is precisely for this reason that he decides to change everything, here is the new arrival: out there confession unpublished.

Benedetta Rossi, (Credits: @fattoincasadabenedetta @fattoincasapervoi_official)-

2023 has just begun and Blessed Rossi it’s already cooking, or maybe it never stopped! She is a genuine and outspoken woman, and this shows in her unique way of presenting recipes, and some “smart advice”, as it usually does. Seeing her cooking program is like talking about recipes with a friend, only that behind her passion, there is a not indifferent spirit of sacrifice, which also brings into play her husband’s hard work, Mark Gentiles. Here are the confession that clarifies and puts new “meat on the fire”, the change it will be important.

Benedetta Rossi makes a big announcement: new year? News!

The presenter of Porto San Giorgio, in the province Of Stopped in the Marche region, it is loved by the public from all over Italy. This is because from a small project, she managed to create something important, and that she did for her get a certain following. It was also thanks to the new instantaneous and digital means of communication, without which he would not have managed. Especially without the husband, Mark Gentiles, he couldn’t have put a big project in the pipeline that will completely change their life, and beyond.

Also who will be part of the project will revolutionize everything. The message that the two spouses communicate is of a certain thickness. They confess the novelty together directly from Benedetta Rossi’s IG profile.

Benedetta Rossi and Marco Gentili build a TV studio
Benedetta Rossi (Credits: @fattoincasadabenedetta)-

What’s boiling in the pot? In the latest Instagram stories, the two joke about the new year, and about the presence of good resolutions. So, between one chat and another they get serious, and confess what no one would have expected. The work that is shown in the program of Blessed Rossi it is much more than it seems, because she and her husband have sacrificed privacy and their own kitchen!

They started shooting videos in their own home, and since TV entered their lives, everything has changed, but it’s not easy also because TV crews take up space. So, they have found their own space in which they will realize own TV studio! AND’ Marco who says he has already met the surveyor and is working for it. Among the news there is also a big one job opportunities for young people: they can participate in their project, perhaps bringing new recipes on TV or working behind the scenes!