Benedict Cumberbatch, a man armed with a knife stormed the actor’s home

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A man armed with a knife stormed the house of London of actor Benedict Cumberbatch while he, his wife Sophie Hunter and their three children they were inside the house. Jack Bissella 34-year-old ex-chef who worked for two seasons in a five-star hotel in the city between 2017 and 2020 and is now unemployed, broke down the gate between screams “I know you’ve moved here, I hope your house burns down!” before throw a plant of the garden against a wall, damage the intercom with the weapon and run away. As reported by Daily Mail, the traces of DNA found on the intercom allowed identification e the arrest of man, who declared himself on 10 May guilty of vandalism opposite Wood Green Crown Court. Bissell received a fine of £250 And a restraining order which will prevent him from approaching the star of Doctor Strange And Sherlock and his family for at least three years.


The public prosecution said that before the attack, Bissell bought two sandwiches in a nearby shop and told the clerk of his intention to set fire to the plaintiff’s house. “As you can imagine the Cumberbatches were very scared and feared that the man would be able to come in and hurt them,” he told the Daily Mail a spokesperson for the actor. “Luckily it didn’t get to that point, but Benedict and Sophie folded many sleepless nights fearing that this criminal might return.” They stay a mistery the reasons for the persecutory gesture of Bissell, who has not offered any defense in court.