Benedict XVI, armored St. Peter’s for the funeral: 100,000 expected

Five pre-filtering gates, metal detector and rapiscan for maximum security area

Armored St. Peter’s for the funeral of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI which will be held at 9.30 and which is expected to be around 100,000 people. The so-called ‘buffer’ area is delimited by five gates of pre-filtering manned by the police, who carry out the first checks and are located in Porta Angelica, Piazza Sant’Anna, Sant’Uffizio and two on via della Conciliazione. More in-depth checks with metal detectors and rapiscan instead to access the maximum security area which coincides with Piazza San Pietro, according to the provisions of the ordinance of the Rome police headquarters which collects all the measures of the security device. They are then provided a no fly zone expanded and sharpshooters while a helicopter flies over the area.

Over a thousand women and men of law enforcement on the field, including i special departments of the police and carabinieri, including anti-terrorism ones, as well as firefighters, 118 and local police. Civil protection volunteers have also been providing assistance to those who decide to attend the funeral, already at work since January 2 when the display of the body began. Furthermore, the sale and transport of glass containers and bottles will be prohibited tomorrow in the area until 2 pm. Public transport is enhanced. (by Giorgia Sodaro)