Benedict XVI, Bavaria court: case for abuse against Ratzinger goes ahead

Traunstein regional court spokesman: “No interruptions as the deceased was represented by a trusted lawyer”

The ongoing abuse lawsuit in a Bavarian court against Benedict XVI and other defendants will continue. This was announced by the spokesman of the regional court of Traunstein, Andrea Titz, according to which, “it is true that in principle an interruption occurs when a part dies, but in the present case this does not hold since the deceased was represented by a trusted lawyer”. Joseph Ratzinger, who died two days ago, had given a mandate to a major law firm to represent him at the trial, which could be suspended until it has been clarified who the heirs of the Pope emeritus. “But I cannot yet say whether there will be a request of this kind”, specified the spokesman.

Last summer, a man who accused of having been sexually abused by a priest identified only with the initial H. filed the complaint. In the case before the Traunstein court, in addition to Ratzinger, Archbishop of Munich and Freising when the alleged abuser was transferred to his diocese, also his successor, Cardinal Friedrich Wetter, and the archdiocese. “The lawsuit will continue with the heir or heirs of the deceased”the victim’s lawyer, Andraes Schulz, told dpa.