Benedict XVI, Pope Francis: “Death exploited by people without ethics”

“Party people not of the Church” says Bergoglio on the return flight from South Sudan. Then on homosexuality: “Criminalization is a problem not to be overlooked”

The death of Benedict XVI “was exploited by people of the party, not of the Church”, people “without ethics”. Pope Francis says so on the return flight from South Sudan. “I would like to say that I was able to talk about everything with Pope Benedict. (Also to) change my opinion. He was always by my side, supporting me, and if he had any difficulties, he would tell me and we would talk. There were no problems”.

Bergoglio gives concrete examples: “Once I spoke of the marriage of homosexual people, of the fact that marriage is a sacrament and that we cannot make a sacrament, but that there is a possibility of insuring property through civil law , which began in France … any person can form a civil union, not necessarily as a couple. Old ladies who are retired for example … because you can earn a lot of things. A person who believes himself to be a great theologian, through a friend of Pope Benedict went to him and filed a complaint against me. Benedict was not frightened, he called four first-level cardinal theologians and said: explain this to me and they explained it. And so the story ended. And ‘ an anecdote to see how Benedetto moved when there was a complaint”.

“Some stories that are said, that Benedict was embittered – says Francis – for what the new Pope did, are ‘Chinese stories’. In fact, Benedict I consulted him for some decisions to make. And he agreed. He agreed. I believe that Benedict’s death was exploited by people who want to add grist to their own mill. And those who exploit such a good person, so of God, I would almost say a holy father of the Church, I would say that they are people not ethics, they are people of the party not of the Church… you can see everywhere, the tendency to make theological positions of parties. These things will fall by themselves, or if they don’t fall they will go on as has happened many times in the history of the Church. I wanted to clearly say who Pope Benedict was, he was not an embittered man”. Speaking of an embittered Ratzinger after the Pope’s crackdown on the Latin Mass was mgr. Georg Ganswein, former personal secretary of the Pope emeritus.

HOMOSEXUALITY’ – The criminalization of homosexuality is a problem “not to be overlooked”, the Pope reiterated on the return flight from South Sudan. “I spoke on this issue on two trips, first (returning) from Brazil: if a person with a homosexual tendency is a believer, he seeks God, who am I to judge him? This I said on that trip. Second – Bergoglio reiterates – returning from ‘Ireland, it was a bit of a problematic journey because that boy’s letter came out that day… but there I clearly told the parents: children with this orientation have the right to stay at home, you can’t throw them out of the house. then lately I said something, I don’t remember exactly what, in the Associated Press interview. The criminalization of homosexuality is a problem that should not be overlooked“.

“The calculation is that, more or less, 50 countries, in one way or another, lead to this criminalization – they tell me more, but let’s say at least 50 – and some of these too – I think there are ten, they are worth death – this – observes Bergoglio – is not right, people with homosexual tendencies are children of God, God loves them, God accompanies them.It is true that some are in this state due to various unwanted situations, but to condemn such a person it’s a sin, criminalizing people with homosexual tendencies is an injustice. I’m not talking about groups, but about people. Some say: they make groups that make noise, I’m talking about people, lobbies are something else, I’m talking about people. And I think the Catechism of the Catholic Church says: they shouldn’t be marginalized. I think the thing on this point is clear”.