Benfica-Juve, Allegri: “Out of the Champions League? It’s not a failure” ‘

“I would be very sorry but now let’s not think about it”

“If we left the Champions League it would not be a failure, I would be very sorry but now let’s not think about it.” Thus Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri in a press conference on the eve of the Champions League match with Benfica, where the bianconeri are forced to win in order to hope to remain in the running for the second round. “If Benfica lose tomorrow and win the last one, we could only go to the Europa League but let’s take it one step at a time: the team is doing well, physically and mentally, the important thing is to have a very compact match”, adds Allegri.

“We have only one result available tomorrow. At the moment we are not out of the Champions League, nor in the Europa League. We are not masters of our destiny, as is Benfica who are one of the four teams in Europe that have not yet lost to Napoli. , PSG and Real Madrid, “he adds. “We have to play a game like most of the first leg, increasing the minutes of the intensity. The Portuguese have a different thrust in front of their audience but it will be a particular challenge: we will not have to be in a hurry but play with the same compactness, even improving it, as the last two races “, Allegri says again.

“The only risk we have, given the last two games we have won, is that there is too much euphoria. There is the risk of too much enthusiasm, of being too positive, it lowers the immune system, they must not be lowered, we must be a compact team. “, he claims. “The important thing is to have the right attitude with the utmost attention, which we have had in the last two games, something that has been fluctuating in the previous races. We must continue on this,” says Allegri.