Benjamín Vicuña and China Suárez would have starred in a strong fight: the reason

Benjamin Vicuña and the China Suárez They have been separated for five months now. However, each one in different instances has clarified that they have a good relationship due to the children they have in common: Amancio and Magnolia. The actor has publicly defended her on more than one occasion, after the international scandal known as Wandagate.

But recently, Paparazzi unveiled an argument that would have been sparked by Pilar’s house, which currently the China Suárez is remodeling, as shown in his Instagram stories. Apparently, he would want it back and for it to be in his name only. Who would have helped the actor to make this decision would have been his mother Isabel Leuco Morandé.

Vicuña He would have demanded the change of ownership of the property, since it is in the name of the former “Almost Angeles.” In the Pronto magazine they indicated: “It was the doctors who advised him on laws and his mother, Isabel Luco Morandé, who recommended him and sent him to Vicuña to get the signature of his ex-wife so that the house ceases to be owned by both. and let him return to his name alone. China did not like that at all and the discussion was very strong and risque “.

The China cinema. Source: instagram @sangrejaponesa

It is that the anger would come because, before separating, the actress asked Benjamin a property and, as it transpired, she would have premiered it with the Uruguayan actor Nicolás Furtado, which made the native of Santiago angry.

The cuisine of China. Source: instagram @sangrejaponesa

The China Suárez is not yet installed in the house because they are renovating it. Day by day, she shows the progress, such as the movies she is making for her children. He has already taught his millions of fans that he will also have antique furniture, sustainable toilets and world-class faucets.