Benjamín Vicuña spoke for the first time about the rumors of romance with Pía Slapka

In Argentina everyone was interested in Benjamin Vicuna confirmed his romance with the model pia slapkaso in an afternoon gossip program from Messi’s country, called “Socios del Espectáculo”, they revealed that they had contacted the actor to go from rumor to confirmation of the most anticipated shipping of the summer.

Panelist Mariana Brey revealed that she had managed to communicate with him. And she said that Benjamin told her that he was already traveling to Chile for the presentation of his latest film “Dad to the rescue.” And it was at that moment that Mariana asked her about her possible relationship with Pia Slapka.

“Are you with Pía Slapka?” Rodrigo Lussich, the host of “Socios del Espectáculo” asked Mariana Brey, and there the journalist confirmed that Benjamin Vicuna I do not hesitate for a second to answer, Mariana and said: “He tells me no.” The illusion of many fell at that moment. Since the last time they were seen together at a publicity event in the coastal city and very top Cariló.

Mariana continued the story by saying: “That it was just a photo, that what was seen is what it is, just a photo,” she added and at the end she launched spicy: “The strange thing is that when you ask her, she does not answer ”. Alluding to the fact that perhaps something did happen, or at least pia slapka so you want.

Regarding the last time Benjamín and Pía posed and walked together, Luli Fernández said: “They were seen as particularly nice, loving and smiling. They are divine and very functional to the event.” For now there is no confirmation, but the truth is that both Benjamín Vicuña and pia slapka They come alone, and no couple is known to them. Maybe it’s time to keep each other company.