Benjamín Vicuña’s heartbreaking message about his state of health

Benjamin Vicuña, the renowned Chilean actor, is in Mexico fulfilling a work commitment. However, he has shared a heartbreaking message on his social networks, revealing a health problem that has been directly related to the painful memory of the loss of his daughter Blanca, the result of his relationship with Carolina. Pampita” Ardohain.

On his Instagram account, Vicuña shared an emotional message in which he reflected on the power of thoughts and the complexity of memories. He made reference to his daughter Blanca, who died at age six on September 8, 2012 due to hemorrhagic pneumonia that resulted in multisystem failure. Benjamín Vicuña expressed: “How to govern ideas and memories. How to manage melancholy when it invades all the senses. I am in Mexico working and overcoming a trauma, a before and after in my life.”

The actor recalled the date of the tragic loss of his daughter and shared how he has been somatizing his emotions in recent days, experiencing health problems such as tonsillitis. So, Benjamin Vicuña He recounted a conversation with his doctor in which he made a connection between his present in Mexico and his daughter Blanca’s last happy days in that country before her death.

Vicuña reflected on the complexity of the heart and memories, highlighting that both are more complex than medical and psychological experts suggest. The actor closed his message with a reflection on life, describing it as a one-way journey that continues to surprise us with the strength and beauty of its revelations.

Benjamin Vicuña He also shared an emotional video in which he celebrates with some of his children on the anniversary of Blanca’s death. The scene shows the constant presence of the memory of her daughter in the life of the Vicuña-Ardohain family.