Benjamín Vicuña’s spicy comment to his girlfriend that everyone talks about

It has long been known that Benjamín Vicuña is in a relationship with Eli Sulichin, the young businesswoman he met at the baptism of Ana, Pampita’s daughter. Both women seem to have a good relationship. She even learned that the driver is happy that the father of her children knows a “good woman”.

Initially, Benjamin and his girlfriend started out hiding from cameras and paparazzi but, more and more, they seem to have no doubts. Both were recently captured sitting at a table, eating in a restaurant in Puerto Madero with a couple of friends.

This dinner took place after the actor was seen at the Ezeiza airport saying goodbye to his children (Magnolia and Amancio) who would travel with China Suarez to Europe, where her boyfriend Armando Mena Navareño lives. The actress would previously take a walk at Disney, where she is currently.

Source: Firstfruits Now

After being photographed by some Argentine media, Vicuna He was also in the news for a spicy back and forth on the networks with his partner. The actor published a video where he promotes some designer brands and home products. “The strength of the raw material” was the epigraph that he used.

Source: Instagram @benjaminvicuna.ok

His girlfriend, Eli Sulichin, commented to him: “A campari please” along with a heart emoji, since the actor appears serving drinks at a table. Without much filter or giving importance to his millions of followers, the former China Suárez commented: “I’ll do what you want.” The comment generated hundreds of likes and diverse opinions from his fans.