Beppe Carletti: “The failure to invite the Nomads? Perhaps we are not beautiful enough”

The leader of Nomadi in an interview with ‘La Ragione’ for the 60th anniversary of the band, “today disposable music”

“The failure to invite Amadeus to Sanremo? We see that they don’t consider us big or beautiful enough”. This is what Beppe Carletti says in an interview with ‘La Ragione’ on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the band founded in 1963 with his friend Augusto Daolio (which makes them the second longest-lived band in the world after the Rolling Stones alone).

Since then the Nomads have produced 38 released studio albums, hundreds of concerts and crowds of fans. This year fans will also be able to sing the new songs collected on the album “Postcards from here”, the first totally self-produced album, released only in physical format two years after the last studio work. “Music has lost some value. By buying a record you can hold it in your hand, it stays with you as a souvenir and it is something tangible. I’ll be old-fashioned, but now there’s nothing left: it’s disposable music”.

In the new album, the collaboration with Guccini, Ligabue, Neri Marcorè and an unpublished text by Faletti. This new album is a source of pride: “Usually for anniversaries we make a collection with the great hits and an unreleased song. We have done the opposite, also to give a sense of continuity to our history. Like in 1967 with ‘Per when we won’t be there’, I called Francesco (Guccini, ed.) Asking him if he could write us a poem. Ligabue sent us a song and I found a text by Faletti. This is where the idea for this LP started. Guccini’s words then became two manifestos of what it means to be the Nomads, placed at the beginning and end of the track list and entrusted to the narrative voice of Neri Marcorè”.

A few days ago the book “A desire to dance that shed light. The novel of us Nomads”, written by Carletti himself and Gianluca Morozzi, in which the six decades of the group’s history are retraced in the form of a novel. Impossible not to ask Beppe what Augusto Daolio would have thought of the music of 2023 today: “We met on stage and we spent thirty years of life together, but I don’t know exactly: in my opinion he would burst out laughing. Augusto was very ironic, he often imitated the great successes of the time. He had many virtues: he wrote music, lyrics, poems, sculpted and painted. All that was missing was that he danced and would have been able to do everything ”.

Finally, inevitable, a question about Sanremo 2023 and Amadeus’ failure to invite him for the anniversary of the Nomads: “It’s clear that they don’t consider us great, that’s the answer I gave myself. I knew since July that we would not go, maybe we are not good looking enough. We will celebrate the next sixty years of his career there. One is a bit bad but we live the same. Also this year we will do 70-80 dates. When you go to a square and find it full of people waiting for you and embracing you, you are repaid for any missed Sanremo”.