Beppe Grillo founds an open source religion: the Church of Elsewhere is born

The father of the M5s has launched the new creed, complete with a memorandum of incorporation, published online. The logo is a stylized A radiating waves like an antenna. According to the comedian it is a cult “of questions and not of answers”

Announced by Beppe Grillo on the occasion of the new show “I am the worst”, the Church of Elsewhere has for a few days its articles of association and statute, published on the site (, according to which this new cult brings together the ” community of its faithful and is open to all” and was established “by the High One, in his garden, at noon on the winter solstice of the year 2022 of the Common Era” and is “apostolic. Its mission on planet Earth is indicated by the High”.

The ministry of Elsewhere formed by Altrovatar

Like any self-respecting religious denomination, the Church has its own order, the Order of Elsewhere which, by the will of the Elevated One, is made up of the ministry of Elsewhere formed by the Altrovatar, who preside over the laws, the apostolate and the administration of the Church Elsewhere on planet Earth. Altrovatar who “are appointed and deposed by the Exalted, and in turn appoint the Exalted”. The Altrovatar in turn nominate, in agreement with the Elevated, the employees of the ministry of Elsewhere “every other element of the Order of Elsewhere is established by the Ministry of Elsewhere, according to the rules and powers attributed by Altrovatar” .

Grillo: “Let’s go to conquer the 8×1000”

After a couple of cryptic posts on social media, at the Orvieto premiere of his new show, the founder of the M5S, with a crown of pins on his head and transforming water into chinotto (“not into wine, everyone is capable of that” ), announced: “I’m founding the Church of Elsewhere and let’s all go together to conquer the 8×1000. I have the statute ready, the association has already been made, there is the site”. On that occasion he also unveiled the symbol of Elsewhere: an A in the shape of an antenna which now stands out in the center of the site

“It is not a religion of answers, but of questions”

“God is no more, that’s the problem. All the great masterpieces would not exist without God, the engine of the world, and now that he is gone, there is nothing left. We have replaced it with capitalism, with money. We need an entity – Grillo said from the stage during one of his shows – Science does not give answers, technology does not give answers, religion no longer gives answers. Then it happens that strange new religions are born in the USA. So why can’t I make my own church? Why can’t I found a Church Elsewhere? It is all elsewhere, elsewhere it does not give answers but one goes in search”. And Elsewhere, as announced by Grillo, does not propose itself as a religion of answers, but of questions: “Do not look for answers, but questions: the answers will come by themselves”, reads the deed of incorporation, “all the religions of man fell into the error of answering the mysteries of space, time, nature and God”.

No reference to the 5 Star Movement

The ‘genesis’ of Elsewhere lies between the metaphor of the errors of human progress and the suggestion of a backlit ‘political’ reading: that of a sort of return to the origins of a lofty challenge deflected by the inevitable earthly flattery when it came to put it on the ground. “The Exalted saw the limitations of men and tried to bring them back to the way of Revelation, which is of questions and not of answers. They showed them the errors and misunderstandings about Revelation, but they misunderstood again; so that the haters undid their teachings, while the amateurs twisted them into dogmas.” Now, on there is no trace of Beppe Grillo or, say, of M5s but, in fact, it is the co-founder of the Movement who calls himself the Elevated, he always referred to this new ‘cult’ and the postponement of last December is equally explicit.