Beppe Grillo: “I am not capable of leading the M5s, I have made the country worse”

The former comedian and founder of the Five Star Movement is back on television nine years after the last time. “I’m here to know who I am and what you think of me and who you are”, he said when interviewed by Fabio Fazio on “Che tempo che fa”. He spoke about Giuseppe Conte, Luigi Di Maio and also Giulia Bongiorno, the current lawyer of the girl who accused her son, Ciro Grillo, of sexual violence

Beppe Grillo is back on television: he has been missing from the small screen since 2014. He has chosen for his return What’s the weather like by Fabio Fazio. “I’m here to know who I am and what you think of me and who you are. I am the worst, yes I am the worst. I have made this country worse, there is no joke,” the founder of the Five Star Movement immediately said. As always he doesn’t mince words: “After the last interview with Vespa we lost elections, those I told to fuck are in government, so I’m the worst.” Recognizing that he was not “able” to “lead and bring a political movement to a successful conclusion”, Grillo indulged in considerations on the current leader of the Five Star Movement Giuseppe Conte: “He was not a member of the Movement, he is a handsome man , a graduate, speaks English, then he spoke and little was understood… perfect for politics… but he has improved. He puts a bit of heart into it.” Then he also spoke about the former Five Star winner Luigi Di Maio: “Giggino the folder, I’m talking about Di Maio, he was the most prepared politician but we didn’t think he would get caught up in the power of organizing people. He and I chose it, Conte. I looked at the programmes, the ideas, whether he is from the right or the left doesn’t matter, if an idea is good. But then he stabbed us..”. And he attacks the lawyer Giulia Bongiorno, former minister and current lawyer of the girl who accused her son, Ciro Grillo, of sexual violence.

“Good morning? Rallies in front of the courts are inappropriate”

“She is a lawyer, president of the Justice Commission, she is a senator from the League who holds rallies in front of the courts, where there is a case behind closed doors… It is inappropriate. This mixes everything up”, said Grillo speaking of Bongiorno.

“I founded the MoVimento but I was a member of the Democratic Party”

On why he is unable to lead a political movement, Grillo says: “I am completely confused, I cannot lead and bring a political movement to a successful conclusion, I am not capable.” And to Fazio who asks him why he had never noticed it before, he replies: “But Casaleggio was there, he was an organizer and had a method, I do damage even on my own when I’m at home”. Then he confesses: “I founded the Movement, but I had joined the Democratic Party, in Arzachena”. And again, why has he never really gotten into politics? “We all do politics, I did it when I was shopping, I talked about public water or the hydrogen car” then “they asked me: what now? What do we do? Now that you’ve told us? Ok – I replied – we take them and bring them into the institutions.”

“Superbonus? It was supposed to last 5 years, we agreed with Draghi”

A passage also on the Superbonus. “In politics you have ideas and then it is obvious that when you enter the institutions, that idea is fragmented. The super building bonus was also an idea, with Draghi we agreed that it should last five years. We also agreed on the income of citizenship, we thought about the navigators and then I launched the citizenship brigades..”, Grillo said.