Beppe Grillo returns to the theater: “Di Maio allowed the M5S to be reborn with Conte”

The Genoese comedian’s comeback involves everyone and talks about everything: from religion to economic wars, through politics to the environment

After a long period of silence, Beppe Grillo returns to the theater with “I am the worst”. The zero date of the show was staged at the Mancinelli theater in Orvieto. The president of the M5S Giuseppe Conte, Roberto Fico, the vice president of the movement Michele Gubitosa, the president of the INPS Pasquale Tridico attended the show. Various topics covered by the Genoese comedian on stage: from renewables to artificial intelligence, from exploitation to pollution, from religion to politics.

Grillo on Di Maio: “It allowed us to be reborn with Conte”

A show where everyone is involved and no one is excluded. Including the public. In fact, Grillo first of all has pen and paper delivered to the people sitting in the stalls who can write him questions. One of these asks him: “What do I think of Di Maio today? The founder of the M5S replies: “My God, neither bad nor good. I don’t even call it a betrayal because Judas was a partner of Jesus. Di Maio did a wonderful thing, he allowed us to be reborn with the wizard of Oz: Conte ”.

Grillo on his son: “If you do the trials on TV, also give the sentences”

During the show Grillo also talks about the trial involving his son Ciro: “They give me a political trial on my children. I’m sure how it will go but if you do the trials on TV also give the sentences “. Then he exclaims: “Look, I even manage to laugh about it a little, with the death that I have inside”.

Grillo: “God is no more, we replaced him with money”

Grillo announces during the show: “I’m founding the Church of Elsewhere and let’s all go together to conquer the 8×1000”. Then he adds: “God is no more, that’s the problem. All the great masterpieces would not exist without God, the engine of the world, and now that he is gone, there is nothing left”. The comedian explains: “We replaced it with capitalism, with money. We need an entity”. And the show continues on this theme: “Science gives no answers, technology gives no answers, religion no longer gives answers. Then it happens that strange new religions are born in the USA. So why can’t I make my own church? Why can’t I found a Church Elsewhere? It’s all elsewhere, elsewhere it doesn’t give answers but we go in search. I’ve already prepared the statute, the association has already been made, there’s the site”, continues Grillo, showing the symbol of Elsewhere: an A in the shape of an antenna.

Grillo on Sanremo: “All the inhibitions have started”

And then it’s up to Sanremo 2023. “Extraordinary” says Grillo who compares it to the Cuckoo’s Nest. “With that conductor there what is his name like? Amadeus, who at Ariston guided people to free themselves, all the inhibitory brakes have started” adds the comedian. “ Fedez who enjoyed it because he finally heard an ass while his wife doesn’t have one, Gino Paoli who goes on stage to talk about orgies, Benigni who gives the president a tongue with the Constitution, the unfinished one”. And so on, the show goes on.