Bergamo, kills her partner with a stab wound: arrested

The murder shortly after midnight, in Morengo

A woman last night he stabbed and killed his partner in the province of Bergamo. Shortly after midnight, in Morengo, the carabinieri of the Treviglio company arrested the 51-year-old Italian woman, held responsible for stabbing and killing her partner, a 30-year-old man of Nigerian origins, at the height of a quarrel. At the moment the accusation for the woman is of voluntary homicide aggravated by futile reasons. The events took place inside the house in via Umberto I where they lived together.

According to the reconstruction of the investigators, at the height of the quarrel the woman first grabbed a knife from one of the kitchen drawers and then hit her partner frontally with a single blow to the chest. The rescuers, called by the same woman, attempted to revive the thirty-year-old but due to the deep wound he died shortly after on the spot. The carabinieri from the Treviglio Operations and Radiomobile Unit also arrived at her home and arrested the woman.

During the night, the arrested woman was taken to the barracks and first interrogated by the prosecutor on duty at the Bergamo prosecutor’s office and then taken to the via Gleno prison in Bergamo, where she remains available to the magistrates.