Bergamo, no funicular for autistic child’s dog: people are rioting

The Labrador didn’t have a muzzle. The animal was stopped by the controller who, after protests from those in line, let it pass. The mother: “There is still hope”

“The controller told us ‘he can’t go up without a muzzle'”. Cristina Finazzi, mother of an autistic child, recounts in a post on Facebook what happened during a Sunday trip on the funicular in Bergamo. “While showing the certifications of our assistance dog Aaron to the ticket collectors, we were told that he could not go up without a muzzle. In fact, the sign at the entrance bore this inscription…” she explains in the post. “Faced with the intransigence of the controller, an unexpected solidarity of ordinary people in the queue was unleashed… How wonderful! From ‘call the police, we are not capitals of Culture 2023 just for the monuments’… to ‘if they don’t go up on the funicular they, we won’t go up either’! Well: all aboard for the Upper Town” says the mother. “How wonderful humanity when it becomes, in fact, next… There is still hope!” she concludes by thanking everyone with a virtual smile.