Berlin, failed Molotov cocktail attack on Jewish building

An attempted arson attack with Molotov cocktails against a building that houses several Jewish institutions, including a synagogue, was foiled overnight in Berlin. The Dpa agency reports this, summarizing information from the Jewish community itself and from another media. “According to the police, the Molotov cocktails were functional and exploded. However, the building did not catch fire because the attackers missed it. The Molotov cocktails only flew up to the pavement and went out there,” writes the website of the Berlin newspaper Tagespiegel according to which “police security guards were on site, but failed to prevent the attack or stop the perpetrators.”

The target

The building houses “a Talmud-Thora school and the synagogue of the Kahal Adass Yisroel association”, specifies the newspaper’s website, reporting that “police and the Municipality confirmed the attack, which occurred around 3 in the morning”. The police “are investigating and other teams are currently patrolling the neighborhood”, it is added, specifying that the street, “Brunnenstrasse, has been isolated about 100 meters from the synagogue”.