Berlin, the official trailer of the La Casa de Papel spin-off

The Paper House scored an incredible success for Netflix: the characterization of the characters and the growing suspense have fascinated viewers all over the world, making the Spanish series one of the most watched titles on the platform and on streaming. Hence, the decision to create one spin off dedicated to one of its most beloved protagonists: Berlin. The series of the same name, the trailer for which has now been released, will debut on December 29th in all countries where Netflix is ​​active.

The trailer of Berlin

“There are only two things that can turn a bad day into a great day:Love And a day’s work that earns millions“: thus begins the synopsis of Berlin distributed by Netflix. Berlin, aka Pedro Alonso, relives his golden years in the spin-off dedicated to him. He remembers when he didn’t yet know he was sick, he wasn’t trapped in the Spanish mint, and he was preparing to pull off one of the most spectacular robberies of his career. Which? A 44 million jewelery theft, thanks to a “magic”. To succeed in her intent, however, she needs the help of one of the bands with whom he has worked in the past. Alongside Pedro Alonso as Berlin we find Michelle Jenner (Keila), Tristán Ulloa (Damián), Begoña Vargas (Cameron), Julio Peña Fernández (Roi) and Joel Sánchez (Bruce).

A journey into the personality of Berlin

Berlin tells the story of Andrés de Fonollosa (Berlin). This is not a sequel to The paper house, as much as a spin-off prequel. This was confirmed by Pedro Alonso during the presentation press conference. Set in an undefined past, the series is a journey into the personality of Berlin, in his playful, comic and romantic character, but with “traits of psychopathy”. It won’t be a dark series, it won’t be a comedy or even a romantic show. But there will be comedy and a certain amount of romance.